Aldi is giving away free wine in exchange for reviews on social media - how to join in

Mirror   13/02/2024 15:51

Aldi has re-launched its "Wine Club" and is recruiting 30 shoppers to trial its new range of wine for free.

The discount supermarket chain will send successful applicants three bottles of wine from its upcoming spring and summer range to try. All they need to do then is write an honest review of the wines across their social media channels using the #AldiWineClub hashtag. Social media channels you can use include X - formerly Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. The new range of wines will be introduced into Aldi stores across the country next month from March 18.

Aspiring wine critics - or those just wanting to try some free wine - need to send an email application to with the following details:

Wine lovers have until March 4 to put in their application for the role and the lucky winners will be contacted within seven days after this date. Only one application can be made per person, so you will not be able to make multiple accounts to get more wine. Alongside this, Aldi says entries made using a generated script, macro or the use of automated devices will be void.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying, Aldi UK said: “We embrace the opportunity to gather feedback from our trusted shoppers. It helps the buying team shape wine ranges into what they are – great tasting, award-winning, delivering on both quality and price. We look forward to welcoming the next thirty Aldi Wine Club members on board.”

To help wine club members, alongside the three bottles of wine Aldi will be sending a guidance letter which will explain how you can review the wine, and supplementary tasting notes. Aldi wine expert, Sam Caporn, says shoppers can "brush up" on their wine tasting skills by following the five S’s to tasting wine:


Sam explained: "Take a good look into the glass as the colour will give an indication to the style of wine. A deep red will suggest youth and a full-bodied wine, while a pale colour will propose it is lighter and juicier.”


Sam says you should pour a small measure and swirl the glass anti-clockwise. They added: "Swirling ensures a more intense aroma, as it releases what are called 'volatile' aromatics.”


According to Sam, you don't really taste wine, instead, you smell it so this stage is important. They said: "Take short, sharp sniffs rather than breathing in deeply for a long time.”

Sam says sipping is where the magic happens. They added: "The aromas in your mouth go up your nose and the wine onto your taste buds, allowing you to appreciate the delicious flavours in the glass.”


Sam says you can now relax and "savour those deep flavours that are developing in your mouth" - and enjoy!

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