Paul Merson points finger at Sky Sports before anchor steps in over Premier League title claim   13/02/2024 14:41

Paul Merson was swiftly corrected by Sky Sports presenter Kelly Cates after he suggested that the broadcaster's TV schedule could influence the Premier League title race.

The race appears to be a three-way battle between Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, with only two points separating them. Merson highlighted the added pressure on teams playing on Sunday rather than Saturday, but Cates quickly deflected his comments with a joke: "Don't start people blaming us!"

Merson explained further: "I'm not saying that... but they've had to win today just to stay where they are. It takes its toll. I saw with Tottenham a few years back when Leicester won [the league in 2015/16]. They kept on playing second, kept on playing second..."

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"If you talk to Tiger Woods, who plays matchplay, he wants to put his ball on the green first and then put pressure on. It makes a difference. When it comes down to it, I want to play first. I want to play on Saturday morning. I want to play at 12:30pm. I want to... bang, get my three points and sit and watch."

The title contenders each have their reasons why this season matters. City could make history by nabbing the title four successive times, Liverpool say goodbye to Jurgen Klopp soon and hope for one more title under him. Arsenal, meanwhile, are aiming to top last year's performance and secure the league victory for the first time in two decades.

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