Irish bloke's hilarious reaction to England Euros win leaves people in stitches

Daily Star   11/07/2024 15:44

An Irish bloke's reaction to England's win in the Euros 2024 semi-final has gone viral, leaving people in stitches.

The hilarious clip captures a fella sitting there, head in hands, as the pub erupts around him when England bags a last-gasp goal to nick a 2-1 victory over the Dutch.

Ollie Watkins' late stunner punched England's ticket to the final showdown with Spain in Berlin on Sunday (July 14), but this chap was far from chuffed.

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His wide-eyed shock at England's footie magic had punters joking "a new Spain supporter is born" just in time for the big match.

While some footie lovers and neutrals are already pledging their allegiance to Spain for the final, others reckon they're jinxed and have been hilariously "banned" from watching the game to keep the good vibes going.

One lass quipped: "Can confirm as Irish girlfriend... I'm banned from watching the final with other half." Another chimed in: "A new Spain supporter is born."

Suggestions were made to leave the stunned spectator at home next time, but the person who posted the video clapped back, saying she'd rather soak up the agony than skip it.

They replied: "And miss THAT kind of misery?" Meanwhile, some viewers weren't all that impressed with England's triumph, suggesting they got lucky in their clash with the Netherlands.

One user commented: "I'm Irish and I had the same reaction... Netherlands were robbed," before adding: "I've probably only ever watched 3 football matches in my life, I've come to the conclusion if a player hits the ground and rolls around in pain... take them to the hospital."

However, the original poster who shared the viral video retorted: "Boyfriend admits England were the better team, he just HATES seeing us celebrate!" Many were captivated by the boyfriend's stoic expression, which showed "not a flicker of emotion".

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