Celebs' 9 top tips to avoid 'the most depressing day of the year' Blue Monday

Irish Mirror   15/01/2022 18:55

Wilting Christmas trees have been waiting for the bin men for days, Boris – and Covid – are still around, the weather is tediously dreary and work is full throttle.

So you may buy into the idea that this Monday is “Blue Monday” – the most depressing day of the year.

It’s been with us since 2005, when a UK travel company revealed the third Monday in January to be the most universally miserable date.

Here, some of Britain’s best-loved stars share their top tips for staying cheery when the chips are down.

Lisa loves looking at pictures of loved ones

Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley

I’ve got a folder on my phone that I call my “Smile Bag”. It’s basically my favourite photos of the people and moments in my life that make me happy.

It really lifts my spirits. I also like to write a lot of my feelings down. It’s OK not to feel OK and on the days I feel better, I can read my journal.

Dragons’ Den and strictly star Sara Davies

Take time out to do something you love, or try something new. A couple of years ago, I started running a few mornings a week. While the early alarms were a shock to the system at first, I felt so much better afterwards.

I’ve also completely fallen in love with wild water swimming, which is something I’ve been able to do with my mam and family and, most recently, dancing.

It’s so important to take time for yourself to keep those January blues away. It’s never too late to reignite an old passion or to find a brand new one.

Chocolate cheers Katie up

Charity campaigner and author Katie Piper

Life is about finding your joy. It’s important because those little bits of shining light can make a big difference.

For me, it’s sitting down with a bar of Dairy Milk after a tough day.

I also try not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. It really helps me cope and keep positive day-to-day.

Music is the answer for Coleen

Singer and TV star Coleen Nolan

I like to watch a lovely, escapist film like a musical so I can sing or dance my heart out. Doris Day is great for that… or Grease. Taking the dogs out for some fresh air is also a great way to blow away the blues and get fit at the same time.

Exercise is an amazing mood lifter.

But in order to keep smiling and stay positive on Blue Monday, I would remember it’s Tuesday in a few hours.

I’d also remember my mother telling me to appreciate the fact that I’m here when so many others aren’t and to feel grateful for it.

Gregg likes to write down all of the things he is thankful for

MasterChef judge and exercise guru Gregg Wallace

The difference between happy and unhappy is simply what you tell yourself.

And I’ve got another good tip – list all the things you like to do that don’t cost any money and do them.

If you find yourself feeling unhappy, stop and think of 10 things you’re grateful for.

For me, that would have to include having my health, a great relationship with my children and my lovely wife.

Singer and tv star Peter Andre

When I feel anxious, I go and do a workout. You may not want to but that’s when you have to. Go for a walk, go to the gym… it honestly helps so much with your headspace.

Corrie’s Samia Longchambon

Whenever I’m feeling down or anxious, I remember the quote from Edward Fitzgerald: “This too shall pass.” It helps remind me the bad times won’t always stay and everything in life is transient, so as well as making the most of the good times – because they too will pass – we need to remember the bad times aren’t permanent.

Paul O'Grady likes to keep the TV off for most of the day

TV presenter and author Paul O’Grady

I have a rule of never switching the telly on before 6pm. But if you’re feeling down, watching your favourite sad film and having a good cry will make you feel better. Failing that, go for a walk and clear your head.

Brenda likes to maintain a positive energy

Loose Women panellist Brenda Edwards

I like to just say “Keep smiling”, whether good or bad, as it helps me to maintain positive energy and a positive mental attitude. I also play music as it releases endorphins and gives me great energy.

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