Madonna delights fans with X-rated snaps as she debuts long ginger hairdo

Irish Mirror   23/09/2022 23:04

Madonna shows off her fiery locks as she poses in X-rated snaps backstage of her new music video.

In one of the sultry snaps, the 64-year-old Queen of Pop lounged on a lime green sofa with her legs spread.

Wearing a pair of fishnet tights, thigh-high PVC boots and a Barbie pink shell suit.

The singer shared a selection of photos behind the scenes of filming for the remixed track Hung Up On Tokischa.

Pairing the tracksuit with a black bralette, the singer rocked her red hot ginger tresses.

She complimented her bright look with matching sunglasses and heavy chains on her wrists.

Madonna sprawls out on a green sofa with her legs spread

In another snap she swapped her bright pink tracksuit for a lime green one.

As well as changing her hair colour, she also gave her eyebrows and new look by dying them white.

The music icon puffed on a cigarette inside the back of a van as she gazed away from the camera.

In another picture she wore a flat cap and blue tracksuit jacket as she appeared to enjoy a house party.

She got up close and personal with rapper Tokischa, who she teamed up with for the track.

Madonna got up close and personal with rapper Tokischa
The singer was filmed at a house party

The music video was filmed in a Dominican neighbourhood in Washington Heights, where Madonna and Tokischa locked lips.

According to Page Six, police were called to the house and tried to shut down the party after noise complaints.

Captioning the photos, Madge wrote: "Hung up On Tokischa in Washington Heights………..@tokischa.popola"

She swapped out of her pink tracksuit for a lime green one

The sexy music video was released this week and is a mash up of her 2005 track Hung Up.

It's her first release since she dropped her new album Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones last month.

It soared to number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Last month, Madonna uploaded a Q&A video to her YouTube channel titled: "Finally Enough Talk: 50 Questions with Madonna".

The track is a mash up of her 2005 track Hung Up

In the seven-minute clip, Madonna was followed around her house by a camera as she fired off quick responses to questions.

She was recently spotted sitting in the front row of Tom Ford's New York Fashion Week show with Lourdes Leon, 25 and Rocco Ritchie, 22.

Rocco recently paid tribute to his mum and Guy Ritchie for bringing him up in a "creative household".

He has been finding his feet in the art world, and has co-founded his own gallery called Maison Rhed - inspired by his alias Rhed.

Her new track reached number 8 on the billboard 200 chart

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Speaking to Vogue Hong Kong he said: "It certainly helped growing up in a house that was passionate about art and culture.

"Neither of my parents are painters, but both are artists in their own right and they taught me to appreciate and respect it.

"Their shared fascination eventually piqued my interest and since I can remember I've always been surrounded by it."

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