'Coronation Street's naked calendar hits a bum note rather than a comedy high'

Irish Mirror   22/07/2021 22:25

They do say the secret to comedy is the timing.

So, if you were being charitable, you could argue Coronation Street was unlucky that its latest attempt at a funny storyline fell in the same week ITV was busy celebrating that comedy colossus Les Dawson.

If you were being honest though? You’d have to admit Corrie’s nude calendar nonsense would have stunk the place out anyway.

It struck more bum notes on Monday night than Les used to hit in his classic piano sketches.

Obviously, we must cut the writers a little slack given the continuing restrictions and the extra demands caused by Covid.

In fact, we are surely approaching the stage where ITV should now be going for quality rather than quantity where its soaps are concerned.

Corrie and Emmerdale have clearly been stretched too far for months and it’s not fair on the writers, the casts or the viewers.

Even so, it was still a pity that when this storyline was first suggested no one took inspiration from Speed Daal’s “Let’s Try Something Different” sign instead.

Calendar Girls has already been copied by every man, woman and their fruit bowl since it came out in 2003.

Even EastEnders did a nude calendar for Children In Need back in 2014. And in comedy terms, if you’re following EastEnders you really are in trouble.

If Corrie had conjured up a laugh-out-loud comedy masterpiece, none of that would have mattered.

Unfortunately, it was as subtle as a really bad 1970s sitcom, with jokes so obvious I actually found myself willing the likes of Kirk and Kev to not deliver the punchlines.

The visual gags weren’t much better. When Kev dropped his robe in the garage we went to an ad break with a close-up shot of a long wrench.

When we rejoined the action the camera had panned to a phallic-looking wheel nut spanner.

Honestly, I don’t know why the production team didn’t simply insert a random shot of Jeff Bezos’s rocket and have done with it.

To make matters worse, Corrie is not exactly firing on all cylinders elsewhere.

It’d be tough to pick the most boring storyline right now, but I’ll start things off with Billy’s building project at the archdeacon’s house (Bland Designs anyone?).

I’m sure things will improve once we’ve got summer out of the way, but I’m afraid when Curtis mentioned his terminal illness support group only one thought crossed my mind.

Is there one for terminal boredom as well?

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