Emmerdale fans furious as Cathy accuses April of 'gaslighting' before confession

Irish Mirror   15/09/2021 19:34

Emmerdale fans have been left furious after Cathy Hope accused victim April Windsor of “gaslighting” her.

A guilt-ridden Cathy tracked down niece bullied April by Donna Windsor’s grave.

April warned Cathy to stay away from her as she fears those who are friends with her will be bullied online too - little knowing that Cathy was her bully.

Cathy then accused April of “gaslighting” her by making her think she will be a victim of bullying too.

April denied this but later admitted she did not know what the term meant after Cathy also claimed she did not know either.

Cathy Hope accused niece April of 'gaslighting' her on Wednesday night's Emmerdale

Finally, with her guilt building up too much, Cathy admitted that she had started the social media pile-on towards April.

Left furious, April shouted to Cathy: “Tell me everything you did, all of it!”

She hit out at her aunt for what she did and April said she will tell everyone that Cathy is a “big bully”, with April telling Cathy she wishes she was dead instead of mum Donna.

April later returned home upset but did not tell anyone yet about Cathy’s actions, despite promising to.

While fans of the soap were delighted to finally see April discover the truth, they were more astounded by an earlier claim that Cathy made when speaking to April - even if she claimed she didn’t understand it properly.

One Emmerdale fan wrote on Twitter : Excuse me Cathy how is April Gaslighting you #Emmerdale ”.

A different soap viewer commented: “Now Who’s Gaslighting Cathy!! You Horrible Brat #Emmerdale@emmerdale ”.

April Windsor was furious after discovering the truth about Cathy

Meanwhile, another social media user tweeted: “ #April posted “nasty things” in defence of herself, it’s completely different. #Cathy#Emmerdale “.

Elsewhere, one follower of events in the Dales noted: “"I'll always be your Best Friend, remember that ok?" Really Cathy? #Emmerdale ”.

Finally, one Emmerdale fan concluded: “Gaslighting wtf is that then..... #emmerdale ”.

*Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.

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