Jamie Carragher can't resist jibe at Peter Schmeichel after Thierry Henry offer

Irish Mirror   19/09/2023 21:50

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher could not resist aiming a dig at former Manchester United mainstay Peter Schmeichel after the retired goalkeeper complimented Thierry Henry.

The pair have a habit of exchanging some light-humoured barbs in their roles as pundits on CBS Sports' coverage of the Champions League. True to form, the former Premier League stars resumed their on-screen jousting during the first night of the competition's group stage.

In this instance, Schmeichel politely congratulated Henry on his new job. The Gunners icon is now juggling his job on the CBS punditry panel with a new role as the head coach of France's Under-21s team.

Expressing his amazement that his colleague's new gig could even see him take his young side to the Olympic Games, Schmeichel said: "It's nice to see all of you and [Thierry Henry] I'm so happy for you with your new job. It's going to be exciting to follow. You can coach at the Olympics".

The legendary former Highbury marksman was clearly charmed by his punditry colleague's kind words of encouragement and offered his gratitude, saying: "Thank you, thank you big man". Sensing Henry's delight, Micah Richards interjected adding: "He's blushing!".

The pleasantries appeared to come to a sudden halt, however, as Kop hero Carragher could not resist trying to get one over on the ex-Manchester United goalkeeper. Instead of following Schmeichel's comments with some niceties of his own, he soon sensed his opportunity to mock his old foe after he offered to join him as an assistant manager.

In his typical tongue-in-cheek style, the former Anfield stalwart said: "[Schmeichel would] be the only assistant in history to have a longer team talk than the manager". Taking the jibe in good humour, the Old Trafford hero did not rise to his comment and replied: "Yeah. Probably, yeah."

Speaking previously about his foray back into the dugout, Arsenal icon Henry explained how he is looking to bounce back after mixed fortunes as a head coach. "I’ve evolved since managing at Monaco, I’ve learned more empathy, to be more vulnerable with your players, and trust in my staff.

"Yes I had my doubts (after Monaco), and that’s perfectly normal. When you’re on the bench and you have doubts, you see things differently. "One thing is really important: you need time to put something in place.

Opening up on his time at CF Montreal in MLS, he added: "I had to question myself, but that didn’t stop me from going to coach in Montreal. It really took me out of my comfort zone [Montreal]. We were training during the Covid period, playing all the matches away from home, and staying in a hotel."

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