Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel 'shaken up' by the golf star's crash

Mirror   24/02/2021 04:16

Tiger Woods ' former mistress Rachel Uchitel has expressed her shock at his horrific car crash.

Rachel was one of several women who claim to have been the golfer's mistress when his marriage fell apart in 2009 due to his infidelity.

The 45-year-old golfing legend was seriously hurt in a car crash on Tuesday, which saw him cut free by firefighters after his vehicle rolled and suffered "major damage".

Tiger is undergoing surgery to injuries on his legs, which are thought to be career ending.

Speaking to the New York Post, Rachel said: "Obviously hearing the news has shaken me up as it’s probably shaken everybody up to see that.

"Hearing [agent Mark Steinberg] say that he’s in surgery for his legs is something that really worries me and when you hear a comment like that you know it’s true."

Rachel said that she feared that Tiger will never be able to compete again, as she continued: "He's an athlete and his legs are essential to his sport and to him being who he is and he’s already had trouble with his body up until this point. He didn’t need any more injuries."

Tiger crashed while driving alone near Rancho Palos Verdes, when his Genesis GV80 rolled over at 7.12am.

Rachel had broken her silence on TV about their affair in a new HBO documentary, with their coupling being exposed after Tiger insisted she came to the Australian Masters in 2009.

A Genesis GV80 SUV driven by Tiger Woods is seen at the scene of a single-vehicle crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

The National Enquirer had been monitoring Tiger up to the is point and when one of their reporters witnessed her going into his suite, they exposed his infidelity.

Tiger insisted to his wife Elin Nordegren at the time that Rachel was a friend and asked them to speak on the phone together for half an hour.

Rachel said she used the call "convincing her I was not having a sexual relationship with Tiger."

They thought that their relationship had stayed under the radar and on Thanksgiving, Rachel messaged Tiger that they had "gotten away unscathed in what could have been a complete nightmare'.

She received a reply, saying: "You were the only one I ever loved".

Rachel recalls feeling that it had "never been better" between them.

Tiger Woods and ex wife Elin Nordegren before his affairs were exposed

With Rachel believing Tiger was going to sleep, she received another text which read: "When am I going to see you again."

The phone then rang and as Rachel answered "hey babe" she was surprised to find it was his wife on the other end of the line, who said: "I knew it was you."

This led to a furious argument between Tiger and his wife, which saw her chase him out of their house with a golf club and him driving his SUV into a tree, in a infamous moment.

Rachel said about that time: "I regret that he was married and I regret the mistakes that I made but people came at me like they wanted to blame me for the fact a married man cheated on his wife, like I was the only one responsible for his actions."

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