Strictly's Katya already showing signs of 'frustration' with Tony Adams, expert claims

Irish Mirror   23/09/2022 23:43

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Katya Jones has shown signs of 'frustration' as her partner Tony Adams has the 'desire to hide', Judi James explained.

On Friday evening, a pre-recorded episode showed the celebrities finding out who their dance partners are for the season.

Katya was paired with football legend Tony, who said he will be 'giving his all' on the dancefloor.

However, body language expert Judi said the professional dancer seemed 'frustrated' with who she was paired up with.

"Katya always looks like the dancer with the strongest urge to win Strictly and when she saw she’s been paired with Tony Adams, a hero on the pitch but looking mightily leaden-footed on the dancefloor," she shared exclusively with Mirror.

"Her body language signals suggested frustration. Her smile of greeting looked more like a baring of the teeth as she clasped and shook his hands as she told him ‘We’re a team now’."

Judi added: "Her hand gestures became staccato as they sat together with Claudia. Poor Tony stood waiting for her with his hands stuffed into his pockets in a gesture that suggests a desire to hide.

"Katya’s pat on his shoulder looked reassuring but her facial cues suggested she could feel that glitter ball slipping from her grasp once again."

Judi says Katya could 'see the glitterball slipping'

Tony, who has been married twice, played for Arsenal and England, captaining both teams.

He spent his entire playing career of 19 years as a centre-back at Arsenal.

"To say I’m excited is an understatement - the lure of the sequins and the call of the salsa has me swapping my battered old football boots for a set of Strictly soft shoes," Tony said.

"Am absolutely thrilled to be giving it my all on this year’s 20th anniversary of Strictly Come Dancing. I can’t wait to meet my partner - god help her - and start the dancing."

Viewers made guesses about which couples will last
Tony wants to 'give it his all'

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After watching the couples dance for the first time, viewers took to social media to share who they think will win and lose.

Many believed football legend Tony could be given a red card in the first week of the show.

"Fantastic show and great last dance. Early thoughts: winner Tyler West, First out Tony Adam’s," a viewer wrote.

Another shared their thoughts: "Tony Adams & Kay Adams surely have to be the first two in the dance off judging from that first dance."

However, many people are loving Tony and his partner Katya's dynamic and can't wait to see more.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 24 September at 6:45pm on BBC One.

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