Love Islander reveals 'weird' off-camera things she noticed about Gemma

Irish Mirror   24/06/2022 10:14

One Love Islander has shared a “weird” off-camera detail about fellow contestant Gemma.

Afia Tonkmor, who left the villa last week, has shared a few behind-the-scenes details since her exit, including why Gemma doesn’t speak about her footballer dad Michael Owen.

Now, she’s spoken about some of Gemma’s behaviours that the audience doesn’t get to see.

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25-year-old Afia said that Gemma was infatuated with contestant Luca Bish, much to the shock of the hosts of Heat’s Under the Duvet.

“She’s obsessed with Luca,” Afia told them, to which they asked: “Is she?”

Afia replied: “That’s the thing, I know, it’s weird. Everyone’s like she just cool, chilled, a cool girl.

“She’s not showing it but every time he’s not there she’s like…*looks around*.. 'Oh my god, where’s Luca.'”

The hosts then said they think that 19-year-old Gemma is just “reserved”.

Afia has also been answering questions on her Instagram stories about her time on the show.

One fan asked: “Do they know who Gemma's dad is?"

To which Afia replied over her stories: "If people do know - I did know before I went in because I watched her VT - but if people do know they don't care, nobody really cares."

In the video, Afia added: "I don't know who he is. I know he's a football guy. It was never, ever spoke about in my presence."


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