Celebs Go Dating star Anna Williamson reveals 'worst dater' to join Channel 4 show

Mirror   13/02/2024 15:56

Celebs Go Dating star Anna Williamson has revealed the "worst ever dater" on the Channel 4 show, as the TV icon remains "hopeful" that filming will start in the summer.

The expert has helped more than 50 celebrities look for love since she joined the agency in 2019 - but some are considerably better at dating than others. Speaking to the Mirror, Anna said: "A couple of series ago we had Navid Sole from The Apprentice, but he really did not know how to date or how to have conversations.

"To be fair to him, he had never been out on dates and credit to him for coming into the agency. He came out of the process more enriched." The qualified pharmacist appeared on the BBC show in series 16, but was fired by Lord Sugar after just three weeks.

Another celebrity who struggled on dates was Vanessa Feltz, explained Anna. She said: "Vanessa was a great character to work with in the last series, she knew what she wanted and unfortunately what we served up wasn’t what she wanted at the time.

"She wasn’t afraid of telling us she felt that we hadn’t quite served up what she was after, but we got there in the end." Viewers will remember Vanessa’s "worst date ever" when her partner lifted her off the ground during their farewell.

Anna said that her favourite ever celebrity on the show was Alison Hammond, adding: "She is just absolute joy personified, the most beautiful woman inside and out, what a catch."

She is also hoping some other famous faces will join the agency, stating: "I would love Britney Spears to come on the show or a member of the royal family. If she was well enough, I know she is going through some personal health issues, but I would love Sarah Ferguson. She would be a corker."

TOWIE star Pete Wicks has made three memorable appearances on the popular programme, but Anna hinted he could be back for more. "Never say never, I mean Celebs Go Dating without Pete Wicks, I’m not here for it," she said.

When asked why Pete is still single, the expert quipped: "Pete is an exceptional dater, just terrible in relationships." She went on to say that she takes credit for his bromance with Sam Thompson, after the pair met on the show back in 2018. Discussing their unique bond, Anna joked: "I call Sam and Pete my celebrity children, I feel like Paul and I gave birth to them. We gave the world 'Pam'. I think we need more credit for it, and I like to remind them of that."

This Valentine’s Day, Anna has teamed up with Cadbury to launch a compatibility checker that all comes down to how you eat a Creme Egg. From scooping out the goo, to melting it on toast, there are so many ways to eat the sweet treat, some more divisive than others, and it can reveal so much more about and who you are best suited to.

She said: "From my work matchmaking famous faces, I love any tool that people can use to better connect with each other and work out if they are soulmates. I have seen far too many relationships crack under pressure thanks to someone’s eating habits, so if I can help just one person avoid a dating catastrophe or find their perfect partner, I would have done my job right."

When asked if Celebs Go Dating will return later this year, Anna said: "I hope so. I haven’t had the green light yet, but it’s normally around this time that we find out. Channel 4 is having a reshuffle but we rated really well last season so hopefully we will be back in the summer as we were last year."

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