Freeview issues important advice ahead of disruption to UK TVs - don't ignore it

Mirror   27/05/2023 06:16

Millions of Freeview users across the UK face a frustrating weekend ahead with the popular platform warning customers that there could be some disruption to terrestrial signals.

The issue is being caused by a band of high pressure over Britain which looks set to cause problems such as pixelated images and viewers receiving signals from outside of their area.

For those not aware, certain weather conditions, including high pressure, may sometimes affect your Freeview reception.

"Freeview viewers across parts of the country could see some disruption to their TV reception between Wednesday the 24th and Monday the 29th May," the television service confirmed.

Freeview has confirmed that interference caused by atmospheric conditions is always temporary and should clear once the weather changes.

Although losing access to some channels will be highly frustrating it’s vital not to start trying to retune your screen as it won't have an impact or fix the problems. Instead, you'll just be left without any content while the, sometimes lengthy, process takes place. and nothing will change once the television is updated.

"You are advised not to retune your TV during this time - reception will be restored once the high pressure passes," Freeview confirmed.

Annoyed that you have nothing to watch? There is a quick fix.

If you have broadband then it’s a good idea to try Freeview Play instead.

This service uses the internet to beam shows to the big screen and so isn't affected by weather conditions.

Freeview Play comes included on most modern smart TVs and you'll find it as part of the app section on your television's Home Screen.

If your telly doesn't have this option don't panic as the Freeview app is also available for mobile and tablet devices.

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